Saturday, June 13, 2009

Domestic Goddess and the Superhero

Most Domestic Goddesses have a partner of some kind. Stands to reason, actually, as someone has to bring home the bacon (or turkey ham if you live in the UAE).

Unless of course you are a Woman of Independent Means With a Healthy Trust Fund, in which case, all the Domestic Goddesses I know are secretly envious of you.

The perfect partner for a Domestic Goddess varies from Goddess to Goddess. It depends what kind of person you are, and what kind of person you need or like to have in your life. We Goddesses are different, and relish our differences.

You get the Totally Dependent Dude, who lives only to have his life arranged by his Domestic Goddess. He can barely tie his own shoe laces. He probably had an overbearing Mommy. If you like being worshipped and taking care of an adult child as well as your beloved offspring, then this is the partner for you.

You occasionally get the Chauvinistic Idiot Male who only has a Domestic Goddess in his life because he believes that the "little woman belongs at home" - preferably barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. Which is okay if you WANT to be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen and like being dictated to by a Chauvinistic Idiot Male. Whatever blows your skirt up.

By far one of the nicest partners you can get is the Average Decent Bloke. These are a pretty good find, as they are multipurpose partners. They do a bit to help round the house, may change the odd wee nappy or two, and will occasionally even cook dinner.

I, however, am fortunate. I have managed to secure the ultimate helpmeet. I chose that word because it sounds better than helpmate, and to me, kind of indicates a partner that will meet you or match you in your life. In my opinion anyway. I, you see, married a Superhero.

A Superhero is an Average Decent Bloke with rockets on. Not only does he help around the house, he respects and treats you as more than just a wife or mother. He respects and loves you as a woman, as a unique individual.

On the fatherly side, a Superhero can cope with more than the odd wet nappy. He can actually pack a complete nappy bag (I understand from my fellow Domestic Goddesses that this is a rarity) and can deal with poos and puke with ease.

My personal Superhero can work the washing machine, tumble drier and iron without incident, though even better, he finds places like Al Farah Nour Automatic Laundry when needed.

He cooks not only when he feels like it, but sometimes when he doesn't.

He doesn't wait to be asked for help, but just gives it because he wants to, or at times, because he can see that I might need it.

I am very blessed to have a Superhero in my life.

The last week has been a bit hectic for me, with Oldest Daughter having come down with chicken pox. It has meant that I have become housebound, unable to go out as she is still infectious, and have had little or no interaction with other adults for a while.

He works shifts, so it has meant that at some times I am all on my own with the kids for 24 hours or more, and when you have a sick child and an active toddler, its just not that easy. It hasn't helped that I have had a minor dose of flu on top of it all.

So my Superhero stepped in on his day off from bringing home the turkey ham. He gave me the carkeys, kicked me out the house, and took over for the day. He gave me the day off. Which I desperately needed.

Because Superheros know that Domestic Goddesses are only human, and sometimes need a break. And boy am I grateful, because I was starting to get serious cabin fever. I have wandered around the shops, had some Starbucks coffee, had an afternoon nap when I got home and generally just had a bit of peace and quiet.

I now feel 100% better, and will be a far pleasanter mother and wife to be around. Because I had some time to be myself as well.

So this Confession is a tribute to the partners of Domestic Goddesses everywhere, and a special tribute to my very own Superhero! I love you madly!

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