Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Domestic Goddess and the Smug Tuesdays

Despite having written my first "Confessions of a Domestic Goddess" blog nearly three years ago, I must admit that I am no further on my journey to household sainthood now than I was then. I am still very much a Goddess in Training.

Unlike in Abu Dhabi, I am now also a paid Goddess. I've been fortunate to find a great job that allows me to work - wait for this - SCHOOL HOURS! Which means I get to drop the Daughters at school, go to work and then be back at school in time to fetch them every day. So I get to be Working Stiff in the morning, and Mother Dearest in the afternoons!

Being a part-time member of the workforce has made Goddess-training more complicated. Thank goodness SuperHero Husband is still around!

I both love and loathe Tuesdays. Its the perfect training day for Domestic Goddesses. On Bad Tuesdays, expect me to be munching grumpily on chocolate by bedtime. On Good Tuesday, I'm smiling.

Today was a Smug Tuesday.

Tuesday is our busy day. We do the school run at 8-30 (start at 8-50), dash to work and find parking in Leederville by 9-30 (a near impossibility), finish up at 2-30, run up the hill to the parking (hoping the ranger hasn't fined me yet) and be back at school at 3. After collecting Daughters we rush off to the local leisure centre (translation: community centre) for Youngest Daughter's Gymnastics session. We have something to eat, and she does Gym from 4pm to 5pm. Then we rush like mad things to get to Eldest Daughter's Ballet lesson by 5.15 - in a completely different suburb. At 6.15 we finish ballet and storm home for dinner, bath and bed by 7.30.

It's easier when SuperHero is home, but this week, Tuesday coincide with nightshifts.

So if its such a rush, why was today a Smug Tuesday?

Because on Smug Tuesdays I am organisation personified. I get up, make lunches for self and girls (SuperHero feeds himself when he gets off shift), plus an afterschool lunchbox. And now that I have the Ultimate Domestic Appliance (a slowcooker), I also prepare dinner. All before the kids wake up and need feeding/dressing/loud encouragement to hurry up.

And on Tuesdays, not only do we have to remember to pack the lunch bags, gym bag and ballet bag we also have to remember its Library Day for Youngest Daughter. And its also the school's swimming term, so we also have to remember swimming bags.

By the time we've loaded the bags in the boot, it looks like we're going on holiday. Last week Youngest Daughter forgot to pack knickers (that's Aussie for broekies), and Eldest Daughter forgot her hairnet for her bun.

So this Tuesday was a Smug Tuesday, because we remembered EVERYTHING, dinner was done. I truly feel like I'm getting there in the Domestic Goddess stakes.

Until I remember that last night we ate frozen dinners.....

Domestic sainthood eludes me still. But hey, at least I have Tuesdays.