Friday, July 17, 2009

As Worn in Outer Space

We have ended up on a direct mail database for a mail order catalogue called Innovations. Now I'm not sure how this happened, but I do know it would be easy to fix. All I'd have to do to stop receiving the catalogues would be to either phone the company or simply return the catalogue.

But I can't.

I'm irresistably drawn to it's intriguing pages, and the delightfully innovative products that it showcases. Take for example the one that caught my eye this month....

"Wonderfully warm slipper socks - as worn in outer space!
These socks are modelled on the slipper socks used by working US astronauts for over 30 years. The socks are made from a soft, cosy and hard-wearing mix of polyester in wool, while the non-slip sole ins genuine suede leather. Ther's even a memory foam insole for the ultimate in cushion-soft comfort. Good looking with a toning suede trim, they will keep your feet and ankles as warm as toast. $19.95"

Now that is really something. Astronauts wear this kind of sock. In outer space! Why would you buy any other kind?

And there are more wonderful items available too, like the Fleecy Liner for your Recliner (give it a fresh new look) or the Shimmer Pink Ironing Board Cover. Or perhaps I'd even fancy my own personal Alcohol Breath Tester (just $99).

Hubby on the other hand, really fancies the Two In One Toaster - it does two slices of toast, AND poaches an egg at the same time!

The girls in turn delight in the fact that they could Speak 12 Languages - Instantly!- with the easy to use global translator.

And while many of the objects are well, um, interesting (did I mention the Colonial-style toilet seat - a fresh look with the warmth of wood), there are some products that I could see being useful. Like the electronic pill timer for example. For people on chronic, routinely needed medicine, this could be a good option. Especially if they are also absent-minded.

But yet while the Adorable Handpainted Garden Ornaments - Cheeky, Cute Meerkats (complete with pink noses and spotty red bandannas) promise to amuse me, I don't quite see how the weatherproof polyresin (with steel spike) charmers will fit into my very Australian garden.

The catalogue is fascinating. Filled with things I could use (the little rails that help slide your in-cupboard dustbin in and out), and the things I never knew I could ever need (like the Ultrasonic Stain Remover), it's at least an hour's worth of boggle-eyed reading.

I don't think I could cancel my catalogue. I may actually buy something from it one day. And when I do, I may even get the Fantastic Free Gift - the Magnifying Nail Clipper!