Saturday, June 13, 2009

Domestic Goddess and kitchenalia

I was watching one of those antique-valuation type shows recently, and was surprised to learn that there is a whole collectibles thing going on with kitchen gadgetry. This would include everything from old copper pots to mangles and coal-heated irons. And some of this "kitchenalia" is actually quite valuable.

It got me thinking about what kitchen gadgetry is essential in the Domestic Goddesses home. I know which bits of kitchenalia I could not live without......

Whisk - Not exactly earthshattering is it? But I love my whisk, and I love the fact that when I use it (and don't use a fork) things are just well, whisked into shape! Like my cheese sauce - never a lump to be found!

Ziploc bags - I know these have been around for a while now, but I have only discovered them recently. I love the fact that I can put a half an onion in a bag and not have the whole fridge stink and the onion wont go all rotten. And if you put your cheese in them little baggies, that horrid white mouldy stuff doesn't appear either. And they are so handy for just about everything - from raisins in the nappybag to popcorn in the lunchbox.

Perforated clingfilm - I only learnt about the ziploc bags because I cannot find perforated clingfilm ANYWHERE in Abu Dhabi. And without those nifty perforations, I hate clingfilm (or clingwrap if you prefer). Because that stupid stuff just doesn't behave if it is not perforated, and goes everywhere you don't want it to go.

The kettle - While this is an old invention, its still an absolute kitchen essential. You just pop it on and in a few minutes, piping hot water for cuppa. Ahh, perfect......

The Dishwasher - I was actually not sure whether to include this one, because I am currently at war with my dishwasher. I love the fact that its so easy - pop the dishes in, pop some soap in, press the button, and hey presto! Clean pots! Except that my dishwasher is misbehaving. The soap tablets keep getting stuck in the soap dispenser tray. Or the swirly arm thingies that swoosh the water around get blocked, and then the water doesn't swoosh when its supposed to, and half the dishes don't get washed. Its blerrie annoying. Serves us right for buying a no-name brand Chinese-manufactured jobbie.

But fortunately for this Domestic Goddess, I have a back-up plan.... its called a husband/Superhero. Works just as well as the electronic version actually......

Of all my kitchen appliances and whatnots, those five are my favourites.

What gadgets could you not live without?

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